Saturday, April 25, 2009

How to give jellybeans to other toons in toontown

Now you can give jellybeans to other toons in the toontown world! Just defeat the Cashbot C.F.O at Cashbot hq.... And then you will get a phrase. You don't always get the jellybean phrase though so if you get it click on it and then.... Other toons will have jellybeans! Thats how to do it.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Tips on friend list

If ya are still having trouble with the friend list colors take a look at this friend list. Well i think the colors aren't there now, i forgot.

Monday, April 13, 2009

Sellbot factory

in  sellbot HQ there is a sellbot factory .  Here is  Sellbot hq    where the tunnel to the  Factory is.


Lawbots  are kinda powerful like sellbots.  I remember one time when  I    was playing the game there was a Mr. Hollywood invasion, it was the first Mr. Hollywood invasion i had ever seen! Well heres a chart of all the Lawbots.


                                                                          the cashbots  are kinda powerful. Some toons think the Dollar lure gags work on cashbots cuz the word cashbots has the word cash so some people think it works cuz they like cash. 


           Ya  may know the two most powerful cogs of each type. For bossbots the most powerful cogs are Corporate Raider & The Big Cheese. Anyways, here is a chart of all the Bossbot Cogs.

Lure gags

Lure gags let ya do many things with gags. They let ya make a trap gag work. They make a gag do more  damage, and even more! Here is a  chart of all the lure gags.